Let’s play VET: revolutionizing teaching and mobility experiences with playlists

Let’s play VET: revolutionizing teaching and mobility experiences with playlists

The Let’s play VET project started in 2017 and aims to develop more engaging learning tools for graphics students and those of them who have had a mobility experience abroad.

Specifically, it was decided to adopt the concept of learning playlist, which allows students and trainees to decide the activities to be done in order to acquire a given skill or knowledge. The goal is therefore not to assign specific tasks but to give the students the opportunity to choose the steps and activities to be carried out within their training path.

Uniser and the VET institutions participating in the project (Cnos Fap, Szamalk-Szalezi, Salesianos Pamplona) have developed learning playlists that will complement classroom teaching or/and internships abroad.

In particular, the Uniser playlist aims to develop the transversal and professional skills of young people who are on the move. These are activities that encourage students to discover the host city and grasp some of its peculiarities, integrate into the community, learn the language and why not, have fun!

On the site are available the Uniser playlists and those of the schools, as well as information on the work done in recent years by the project partners.

In the current circumstances, playlists have proven to be particularly functional in being able to carry out remote teaching and this is also why Uniser is working on new playlists. The idea is to give the opportunity to discover new cultures while staying at home and preparing for a mobility experience abroad.

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