Let's Play VET! project description

Let’s play VET will contribute to rethinking the teaching paradigm through an innovative VET training methodology that will put students at the center of the learning process in a pro-active way. The innovative VET training module will take the form of a “learning playlist”, meaning a set of learning experiences that the students have to conclude in order to complete a learning unit of their course. The term “playlist” is associated immediately to music of videos, more in general interactive contents (more appealing for young people per se). When composing a audio playlist for example songs are chosen and put together according to a logical reason to form a final product which is more attractive and meaningful than the sum of the single songs. The innovative VET module is based on the same concept, instead of songs we have “learning experiences” that will be composing our innovative VET module. The Learning Experiences will be conceived on active learning methods such as work-based learning, E-learning assignments; mobility abroad, study visits, seminars, participation in local community initiatives, production of videos or pictures etc, and only a minimum part will be taught through frontal lessons. The new training formula of learning playlists will give VET students freedom of choice on how to complete the module according to their preferences. Playlists are not to be completed in a chronological order. According to their inclinations and individual development, students will choose in which order complete the learning experiences. Trainers will assess the improvement and help them thanks to a learning platform that the project will also create and which will give the possibility to VET institutions to create their personalized VET playlists.

Intelectual Output 1

An innovative VET module based on the concept of learning playlist integrated in the Graphic Designer course.

Intelectual Output 2

An E-Learning Platform for hosting VET playlist modules.

Intelectual Output 3

Guidelines for the creation of VET Playlist modules addressed to VET providers.

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