Galliera look refresh

Galliera look refresh

A project in collaboration with the Cinema Teatro Galliera and our fourth-year students IN “Graphic Technician”.

On Wednesday 8 July at 6 pm the students presented their works created for the rebranding of the Cinema Teatro Galliera, the most #underground and #underchurch cinema in Bologna (as they more rightly like to call themselves).

Divided into seven groups, the boys tried to create a new image that could be in line with the renewal planned for the year 20/21 of the Galliera. A year-long work, where they conceived, created and prototyped their project, following what is the real work of a graphic designer.

The platform created thanks to the Erasmus KA2 project Let’s Play VET!, co-financed by the European Commission, hosted the playlist, Cinema Galliera, that step by step helped the students to keep a record of the progress they did.

During the event, after the greetings of Galliera and our Centre of Vocational Education, all the creations were presented with seven short videos: these were evaluated by a highly respected technical commission.

A heartfelt thanks to the Galliera Cinema Theater for the great opportunity given to the children and to follow all the partners and companies that have put themselves into play to help them!

Let’s play vet

Comunico Italiano

Rotary club Bologna Valle dell’Idice


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