Let’s Play VET! Kick-off meeting in Bologna

Let’s Play VET! Kick-off meeting in Bologna

In October 2017, the Let’s Play VET Consortium, coordinated by Associazione Cnos Fap Emilia Romagna, gave the kick-off to its KA2 project devoted to the world of graphics, Let’s Play Vet. The meeting began on Wednesday with the greetings of the director of the Cnos Fap Emilia Romagna Professional Training Center in Bologna, Federico Gozzi and the Salesian Delegate for Emilia-Romagna, Don Gianni Danesi, to the project partners.

In the first session, the representatives of the institutions and associations had the opportunity to visit the training center, see the workshops and participate in training sessions with the students.

In the following days, the partnership moved on in defining all the work phases of the project that aims at leading to the creation of an IT platform able to host learning experiences to the achievement of the skills for the Professional Diploma of Graphic Technician.

 “Let’s play VET will contribute in rethinking the teaching paradigm though an innovative VET methodology that will put young VET students at the centre of the learning process in a pro-active way”

The project, which began officially on 2 October 2017 and will end on 1 August 2020, will bring the members of the partnership, two of which are members of the Don Bosco International network, in the next three years, to travel all Europe in order to know and innovate their teaching and work methods.

On the last day of the meeting, took place a press conference in order to present the project to the local authorities, students and experts in the world of Graphics. Realized within the framework of Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership program, Let’s Play VET! was approved in July 2017, ranking 12th among all the Italian projects presented (about 200) and proposes an original teaching method that will put its students at the centre of a proactive process of learning. This process is presented as a learning playlist, in other words, a series of experiences that students will have to play/live one-by-one in order to gain the necessary skills and pieces of knowledge to obtain their diploma.

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