Let’s Play VET! at fruit exhibition 2018

Let’s Play VET! at fruit exhibition 2018

Recovery materials from the world of mass communication, experimental print, urban action: these are the main elements that Corita Kent put together. Starting from this input  “Silkscreen jungle of the urban survivors” intends to offer the participants the possibility to produce urban devices aimed at interacting with the metropolis, using recovery supports, overprinting them, pre-preparing them and reinterpreting them: whether it is a garment, or a box or a poster.

In this first year of the Let’s Play Vet project, workshop participants will be able to experiment with silkscreen printing: a low-tech process, sometimes low-cost, but far from cheap; its extreme versatility allows in fact high levels of experimentation on an infinite variety of supports.

With this series of workshops, the project Let’s Play Vet, establishes a first experience for the creation of playlists for the training of the “Graphic Technician”.

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